My Story with Lesley

Introduction & Order

Hey, I’m Cvsual (pronounced the same as Casual).
I’m an independent musician, lyricist, content creator, and all around loner. I’ve been lacking a proper connection for a while, and as someone who lacks funds often, it makes going out and meeting people near impossible.

I found out about these dolls from a YouTuber named iPlague Companion Network which introduced me to them quickly. In that moment I just knew I had to get one. I spent an extremely long time searching google for reputable sites but couldn’t find any with prices within my range. Eventually I came across which has been a blessing. I saw low prices and had easy knowledge on what was in stock due to the site giving you a page to see the dolls in stock. I then saw a mini doll named Lesley and with it being one of the cheapest I had both high hopes for the price and also high doubts as I know a bunch of doll sites are scam sites, but I went through with it in the end, using the paypal card method.

Eventually I came into contact with support about my package as I was getting nervous because the fedex tracking wasn’t moving but I did in fact receive it just a day after the panic. That day, is today!

Recieved November 17th, 2022

I recieved Lesley soon. I received Lesley on Thursday, November 17th after a short delivery wait. The moment I received and opened the box to see Lesley I was shocked as to how great the quality is for such a low price! I paid only $169.99 and received a doll of quality beyond that in value. I have been wanting a doll of this type for a very long time, but have struggled due to financial issues, that’s a huge reason I took the risk at ordering this doll, my money was low, but so is the price of the doll.

Size and Feel

Lesley is 70cm (or about 2 feet and 2 inches tall) and made of a very soft TPE material. She’s soft to the touch which is always nice!


I personally find her very adorable and angelic. My only issue that I’ve had is that her vaginal depth is way too small for me, but I mainly use her for posing and comfort anyway so it’s not too big of a drawback.


I eventually settled on a new name for her, which is Nika. I will refer to her as Nika for the rest of this post.


Nika has been an amazing companion so far. She listens, she’s quiet, she’s soft and very lovable!
I love to pose her as the skeleton works great for it, she’s been an excellent roommate/companion and know she will continue to be.
I watched a movie with her and played some games next to her, I love knowing she is there to relax and soothe me. Personally I have plenty of friends but they’re all online. That is where Nika comes in as she has helped me with my physical loneliness. has provided me with Nika as a friend I can vent to without feeling as if I’m being judged.
She is not only high quality for sexual relief, but also for emotional support if you’re looking for that like I was.


I’m looking to eventually expand Nika’s Wardrobe as she has the form perfect for photography, just tough to find clothes in her size- So I took the overalls from my good guy doll for her to wear for now, although the company is providing me with clothes as a gift so will be amazing to receive those!

Outside View

Some people would view you crazy for treating a doll like a real person or just having her as your companion- but lemme tell you that it’s perfectly normal. I find extreme comfort around her even though she isn’t living. I am and will continue to care for her as long as I have her.

Experience with purchase

My experience with the purchase was nothing but stellar, I love Nika and hope you too choose a doll of your own to purchase from I will definitely be a returning customer of theirs as I know I want more dolls in larger sizes now that I know this company is legit.

Conclusion & Thank You provides affordable and extremely high quality dolls. This website also has great delivery times and delivery options. Always worth a browse!
Thank you and the amazing customer support for providing an excellent experience!

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