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Newest design full body sex doll for sale.Right here,you can always get full size sexdoll with fair price.Free & Discreet shipping,Top quality.

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As the name suggests, full body sex doll is a 1:1 life-size TPE or silicone love doll. It has anatomical physical features.

As shown in the picture,It has lifelike body parts.Their tits are big and round. And its areola and nipple are more realistic. Especially the most realistic silicone sex dolls, they even have lifelike lines of blood vessels on their breasts. Apart from that, it has a juicy and smooth ass. This is probably what many people dream of. When it comes to sex, people probably always think of vaginas and anus. These full body sex dolls have realistic vaginas and anus. So, you can enjoy real vaginal sex and anal sex. Even better, these 140cm+ sex dolls have mouths that can penetrate. If you are an oral sex lover, then they are undoubtedly the best choice.

Of course, full size sex dolls also have full height-to-weight ratios. Typically, these love dolls support customization. You can customize many options like hair type, genital temperature and torso shape etc..

Full body sex dolls have been around for a long time. With updated sex dolls technology, these full size love dolls look and feel like a living person. Maybe you don’t have a partner right now, or you have one, or whatever, you can try these lifelike full size sex dolls. At Minisexdoll, you can find many different full body sex dolls.

  • Anime Sexdoll. Japanese anime is popular all over the world. Many people like anime girls. Lovely eyes and huge tits are full of lust. If you want to do a lot with your fantasy anime girls then try these full size anime sexdolls. They won’t let you down.
  • Silicone Love Dolls. As we all know, silicone is the most widely used material for sex toys. For sex dolls, silicone is a high-end material. Currently, the average selling price of silicone love dolls is over $2,500. The details of these silicone dolls are the same as real people. Especially the labia, areola, eyelashes, hair, birthmarks, tattoos and pores, etc., look more perfect than real girls. If you have the budget, then try the dolls of this material. Some high-end platinum silicone sex dolls even cost $10,000. You can enjoy the most beautiful women in the world, and the price seems to be no longer the main factor.
  • Big Booty Sexdoll. According to Quora question statistics, many people love big booty women. Do you know what are the benefits of big booty girl? You penis can go very deep with a full body sex doll. Riding on that juicy and smooth ass, men can also enjoy very magical riding sex. If you are looking for such sex pleasure then don’t miss big butt full size sex dolls.
  • Teen Sex Doll. Don’t be surprised. Because teenagers have grown very tall. These full body sex dolls  look like a little kid though. But they also have a height of more than 140cm. Do these cute faces remind you of your first love? For a man, he can never forget the girl he has a crush on. Then these adorable full size teen love dolls are your favorite. They have lifelike body curves and skeletons so you can enjoy the most authentic sex.
  • Young Sexdoll. Do you like young women? Most men like young women. Because they have compact skin. And the face looks more beautiful. What’s more, their breasts are erect and their vaginas look pink. These full body young girl dolls also have such features. Their skin feels textured. Men always like eighteen-year-old women. These full body sex dolls don’t get old. They will satisfy your needs with an eighteen year old woman.

Minisexdoll offers many styles of full body sex dolls. In addition to the above, you can find more, such as Asian girl love dolls, European and American sexy girl sex dolls, Japanese woman sex dolls etc.

Whether you’re single or not, full body sex dolls always have a lot benefits for your life. They can fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies. And for you, there is no risk in having sex with a full size sexdoll. If you haven’t decided yet to have a full body sex doll, perhaps you should know what sexdoll with full body benefits are. That way, you can make up your mind to do something for your sex life.

  • Safe sex. Every once in a while, people always want to have sex. That is a physiological need that cannot be avoided and controlled. If you’re single, it doesn’t seem very safe to find a prostitute for your needs. If you are married, when your lover is on her period, she cannot meet your needs. At this point, with a full body sex doll, you can enjoy very safe sex.
  • Spend once, enjoy more. You only need to pay once and you can enjoy free sex many times. According to statistics, a full size sexdoll can last a year or even several years. It takes a lot of money to keep a girlfriend. You need to accompany her to go shopping, eating, etc. With full body sex dolls, you don’t need to do this. Of course, if you’re determined to pursue a girl, then it is best for you. Because your girl can share a lot with you. And full size sex dolls don’t understand your feelings. It just doesn’t ask you much. However, if you buy a full size sex robot doll, then it can communicate with you.
  • It doesn’t get angry. These full size sex dolls don’t get mad at you. They obey you. In fact, your girl has mood swings all the time. You need to spend time and effort to coax your girl.
  • Real vaginal sex. All full body sex dolls have lifelike vaginas and internal structures. These pussy hole shapes look like real ones. And her pussy has very real texture inside. You can enjoy vaginal sex like a real person.
  • Compact anal sex. Apply some lube. Then you can penetrate their tight anus. Even better, they have separate passages for their anus and vagina. Therefore, you can feel a real suction.
  • Exciting oral sex. Do you like inserting your mouth? The mouths of these 140cm+ full size sex dolls are penetrable. Of course, you can choose some customization options, such as tongue, teeth, etc.
  • Comfortable tits sex. If you choose TPE full body sex dolls, then their tits are soft. It’s comfortable to touch and dick penetration.
  • Various sex positions. These full size sex dolls have high-grade metal skeletons built into them. You can enjoy all the sex positions. Whether you’re single or married, you can try it out and you’ll become a sex master.
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