Hello dear friends, we can ship dolls from China to Brazil, the carrier is UPS. But you need to have a strong customs clearance ability because the return rate is more than 60%. If you can take the risk, you can buy directly on the website, visa cards are supported.

Hello, my dear friend. There is no problem for the customs. We bare the customs clearance and tax-free. You only need to wait.

Yes, $25/1 extra cloth. We have a lot of clothes and you can also choose from our doll clothes(the same height doll’s clothes fit all).

Yes, sex doll can be kept laying in the bed. Or if you need, we can send you a hook taht you can hang the doll. You need to leave a message to our email: [email protected].

Hello, my dear friend. Don’t worry. These dolls are legal in Canada. We have many customers from Canada. You can rest assured.

Hello,  my friend. Yes, stainless steel, a doll with standing foot option can be taken to the shower without any risk of corrosion. Don’t worry that.

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