What is a Sex Doll?

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Sex dolls have been around a long time ago. At present, it is still a very popular sex toy. And now the sex dolls are getting more and more advanced. Not only the appearance tends to be anthropomorphic, but also the function is more. All in all, the realistic sex doll already looks like a living person. If you don’t know anything about a sex doll, then this article will tell you what is a sex doll?

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History of Sex Dolls

Sex dolls first appeared in the 16th century. At that time, the European maritime industry developed. But during the voyage, most of the time is isolated from the world. So French and Spanish sailors invented a humanoid doll that could address sexual needs. This is the prototype of the sex doll. The dolls at that time were some rough clothes wrapped in a pile. Later the Japanese bought a batch of sex dolls from the Dutch. This is why some people also call sex dolls “Dutch wives”.

Later, sex dolls technical innovation. The general direction tends to be realistic. But it wasn’t until the popularity of TPE and silicone that sex dolls changed substantially. These two materials change the pattern of sex dolls.

Time entered the early 2000s when sex dolls production technology was a trade secret. So the price is very expensive. Later, the production technology became public. Lifelike sex dolls prices are normalizing. That is, right now, people can buy a sex doll for as little as $700. You can even buy a very realistic mini sex doll for $500 at Minisexdoll.com.

In short, sex dolls have changed from rough human shapes to those that can simulate real sex scenes.

What is a Sex Doll?

As the name suggests, it’s a doll for making love. In other words, this is an anthropomorphic sex product. It has very realistic human features. Typically, sex dolls have lifelike vaginas, anus, breasts, and mouths. Some sex dolls for women also have a very thick penis. People can use sex dolls to experience very realistic pussy sex, anal sex, breast sex, and oral sex.

These full-size lifelike love dolls are also the best models for photoshoots. Now many people buy sex dolls to take pictures.

Recently, customizing a sex doll has become a trend. Many people like to customize all kinds of sex dolls. Some suppliers even support photo customization.

Types of Sex Dolls

With the continuous innovation of love dolls technology, there are many dolls on the market. Now, all dolls are realistic. No matter what kind of sexual pleasure you’re looking for, sex dolls can deliver. For a comprehensive introduction to sex dolls, it is necessary to categorize them. According to different characteristics, they are classified as follows:

Material: Currently, the two most popular dolls on the market are -TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls. These two materials changed the pattern of a real doll. Make love dolls closer to real people. It feels very comfortable. And the vagina and anus and other parts are also very vivid.

Body type: This is another major feature of the sex doll classification. As in reality, many women and men have different body shapes. Dolls also come in different body types. Such as BBW sex dolls, flat chest sex dolls, big booty sex dolls, and so on.

Size: People vary in height. The same goes for Love dolls. And some people like to have sex with tall women. Some people like to have sex with tall women. So sex dolls have mini sex dolls and big size sex dolls.

Gender: Everyone has a different sexual orientation. Of course, sex dolls also have different genders. Currently the most popular are male sexdoll, female sexdoll, gay sexdoll, lesbian sexdoll, shemale sex dolls, etc.

Age: Everyone likes women or men of different ages. Some people like young teenagers. And some people like mature women or men. Sex dolls have young teen sex dolls and mature sex dolls.

In addition to that, many sex dolls now have a lot of functionality. Such as heating, moaning, etc.

The legality of Sex Dolls

Do many people worry about whether it is legal to use a sex doll? The answer is legal. Of course, some countries and regions prohibit the use of sex toys. For example, some Muslim countries in the Middle East completely ban it. But other regions and countries are legal. This means that it is legal and ethical for you to have sex with your own private property. Some even use sex dolls for adult videos. Then become a star in the adult community.


What is a sex doll? This is a very simple question. Because a sex doll is like a woman or a man. Many people buy sex dolls to accompany them through their lonely days. It’s not just for addressing sexual needs. Because of the current technology, dolls that are exactly the same as real people have been designed. You will be amazed when you touch her skin. In the future, more intelligent sex dolls may be designed.

Now, AI sex dolls have appeared on the market. But that’s expensive. If you just want to experience sex dolls, then consider mini sex dolls. This is the most economical investment for beginners. Anyway, understanding what is a sex doll is important for buying one.

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