60cm/1.97ft Japanese Small Breast Sexdolls-Millicent

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Why Choose Me?
  • I‘m the Best Selling Smallest Doll In 2022
  • I have some free gifts for you: The clothes in the picture and other more.
  • Right now I am in Los Angeles, if you are also in the US, buy me and I will come your home in 2-4 days,no long wait.
  • My Vaginal depth 5.12inch, solve your sexual needs, make you no longer lonely.
  • Weighs only 4.41lb, lightweight and easy to play with me.
  • Average monthly 300+ customer choose me!

Official store,Huge collections,Newest!

  • Authorized Supplier, 100% Quality Assurance.
  • Free & Discreet shipping without legal risk,Tax-free.
  • Fair price,Great customer service,Get a reply <12 hours.
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"Hello, everybody! I am the smallest anime doll at So if you want to take me home, let's get to know everything about me first."

My Body Size

Material Medical-grade TPE | Stainless Steel Frame
Height: 60cm/1.97ft
Weight: 2kg/4.41lb
Bust: 28cm/11.02inch
Waist: 20cm/7.87inch
Hips: 30cm/11.81inch
Vaginal Depth: 13cm/5.12inch
Sex type: Vaginal Sex

My Photos

japanese sexdolls (12)


"Although I am only 60cm, I have a perfect body and sexy curves. Upturned hips greatly increased the range of power a man's cock could penetrate me. Red and tender pussy is waiting for my first man penetration. I'm horny, do you want to take me home? My vagina is ready for you."

japanese sexdolls (6)


"I'm from Japan and I'm a senior school student. When I was in class, I couldn't concentrate on my studies because I was craving sex all the time. I want a man to take me home and let me experience the orgasm of sex I want to explore the joys of sex with you, are you ready?"

japanese sexdolls (6)

Six Free Gifts

<$600 60cm/1.97ft Japanese Small Breast Sexdolls-Millicent 18

1 * Blanket 

<$600 60cm/1.97ft Japanese Small Breast Sexdolls-Millicent 19

1 * Wigs

<$600 60cm/1.97ft Japanese Small Breast Sexdolls-Millicent 20

1 * Comb

<$600 60cm/1.97ft Japanese Small Breast Sexdolls-Millicent 21

1 * Lingerie

<$600 60cm/1.97ft Japanese Small Breast Sexdolls-Millicent 22

1 * Cleaning Tool

<$600 60cm/1.97ft Japanese Small Breast Sexdolls-Millicent 23

1 * Vaginal Heating Rod

About Customers Say



"August 28th, 2022 was a magical day when I arrived at my new boyfriend's house. He was handsome and treated me well, and I loved how he dressed me in nice clothes. I loved the way he dressed me The most amazing sex. I love him so much and I will be there for him forever.”

Douglas C, August 28, 2022.

Douglas C, August 28, 2022.

"The mini anime doll has always been my favorite, I like the small size because it's easy to handle and I can easily hide her when I'm done using it. When I saw this doll, I knew I was in the right place, she was the anime doll I've been looking for. More luckily, I got the same clothes as in the pictures. I am very happy."

Micky J, October 10, 2022.

Micky J, October 10, 2022.

This time I bought a doll experience is the best time since I was shopped. I received a package this morning, at first I was a little bit surprised what package arrived, then I opened it and found out it was the doll I ordered a few days ago, her packaging is very safe, I don't think anyone knows what is in it until I open it . She arrived 3 days after I bought it, amazing delivery speed. As the seller described, there are many small gifts inside. I haven't started to dress her up yet, but her skin is very soft and feels very comfortable. I think it's a great value for money to get such a doll for $149. Before I bought it . I cost $150 to buy an inflatable doll, which is a bargain in comparison. She is small so I can hide her easily because I don't want my family to find her. All in all, I like this doll very much. I will dress her up and rename her later. I don’t think I will be lonely anymore in my future life.


What shows up for my purchase on my credit card or on paypal?



Hello, my dear friend. There is no information about sex, only showing the order number, shipping address, and date.


Does she have movable limbs or is it solid?

Dennis C.


Hello, my friend. Thanks for your questions. Her limbs are not detachable, but she has joints and can bend flexibly.


is it legal in FR?

Gareth H.


Yes, dear friend. It is legal. We have many customers from FR.


Does the doll come with the displayed clothes?

Billy J.


Yes, the doll comes with the displayed clothes.


Is there any way I could get free fast shipping?

Frank R.


The delivery time is 3-6 days if you are from the USA. For this doll, if you are from Europe, the delivery time was 10-15 days without fast shipping.


Does oral sex available?



No,Her mouth is too small,so..

29 reviews
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29 reviews for 60cm/1.97ft Japanese Small Breast Sexdolls-Millicent

  1. ahjsdl
    I bought this sex doll and I'm really pleased with it. It looks and feels realistic and is a great addition to my bedroom. Highly recommended!
  2. Patrick
    Really everything is very good. It fills me with pleasure just to use it.
  3. Lester
    Compared with many homes, this quality is very good, very satisfied, very good.
  4. Ollie
    This is a good product you will love! It is fun to play with and easy to clean. Fast delivery, it matches the photo, it is like a human-sized body, not bad, the price is reasonable, I love her.
  5. Martin
    I like little girls, small boobs, small ass, it drives me crazy. The little girl gave me an orgasm like never before. I don't think I'll be lonely anymore because I can do anything with my little lover at night.
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1.After receiving the sex doll, please use water and neutral detergent to clean the doll, and dry the inside and outside with a soft absorbent towel.

2.Before using sex dolls, apply lubricant to the human body to ensure sufficient sliding, or use a well-lubricated condom.

3.Do not keep sex dolls in the same posture for a long time. This may result in the formation of creases on the body surface. If a slight crease occurs, it will usually return to normal after a few hours.

4.If you need a little perfume to increase the atmosphere, please spray the perfume on the clothes of the sex doll rather than the body of doll. Dolls are prone to alcohol corrosion present in perfume.

5.Rinse the body with warm water for 2-3 minutes after use, and use a vaginal rinser to clean the vagina. After cleaning, dry the inside and outside with a soft absorbent towel and let it dry naturally.

6.When storing sex dolls, let sex dolls lie flat, avoid squeezing and prevent the entry of the dust

Shipping Infor

  • We offer Free & Discreet worldwide shipping with UPS/FedEx/DHL/DPD,etc.
  • Mini sex dolls are legal in the countries/regions we can ship to, so you don’t need to worry about legal risks.
  • In-Stock Dolls ( USA/EU Warehouse) : 1-2 Days Processing time +  2-5 Days Shipping time.
  • Not In-Stock & Custom Sex Dolls : Will be shipped directly from our China factory. 2-9 days processing time + Shipping time (Depends on your location)

Check the shipping time table for more details :

USA 5-10 Business days, Tax-Free.
Canada 5-10 Business days, Complete customs clearance and pay duties by yourself.
Asian Countries 10-25 Business days, Complete customs clearance and pay duties by yourself.
Europe Countries For Adults dolls (140cm+) and Sex Doll Torso: 10-20  Business days, Shipping By Air, Tax-Free.
For Mini & Child Dolls (65cm-139cm) : 40-50 Business days, Shipping By Railway, Tax-Free.
  • Due to some exceptions ( such as Chinese holiday, snowstorm, rainstorm, or COVID-19, etc.), delivery may be a little delayed, please be patient.

Cancellation Policy

File an order cancellation request (after payment)

  • <24 hours (Before we produce) : 5% cancellation fee
  • ≥24 hours (In production process) : 25% cancellation fee
  • ≥3 days (Production is completed) : 50% cancellation fee
  • Once shipped : Can’t be canceled

Return & Refund Policy

For sex dolls are customized products, we are unable to make a second sale, so, we don’t provide return services, Please understand.
However, if you are unsatisfied for other reasons, we can provide a refund. Check the refund policy table below:

Wrong doll received Full Refund or Arrange a new replacement
Not as described (for some details) Contact us to submit proof, Partial refund if necessary
Damaged (slight) doll received We will provide repair kit and partial refund
Damaged (severely) doll received File a claim with the shipping carrier and full refund
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