25cm (9.8in) Mini Cartoon Sex Doll For Men-Naomi


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Waysen K

Waysen K

Hello everyone, I am the editor of the website, today I will introduce this best-selling miniature sex doll to you, you can't miss it

Naomi's Video Show

Naomi's Body Infor

MaterialPlatinum Silicone
Sex type:Vagina
<$600 25cm (9.8in) Mini Cartoon Sex Doll For Men-Naomi 15

Sexy Photos Of Naomi

<$600 25cm (9.8in) Mini Cartoon Sex Doll For Men-Naomi 16
Waysen K

Waysen K

Naomi's huge tits are made from super-soft, realistic-feeling silicone! Her titties are incredibly lifelike, with a realistic texture and firmness that makes them feel just like real breasts. They have large, round areolas and firm nipples that are perfect for squeezing and caressing. The overall size and shape of her breasts make them perfect for a variety of sexual activities, from fondling to tit-fucking. She's sure to please any lover with her incredible tits!

<$600 25cm (9.8in) Mini Cartoon Sex Doll For Men-Naomi 17
Waysen K

Waysen K

Naomi's vagina is a highly realistic representation of a female vagina, crafted from a high-grade silicone material. The entrance is invitingly soft and textured, with a tight opening that gradually widens before leading to a deep, ribbed canal. The inner walls of the canal have a variety of stimulating ridges and bumps that will provide intense pleasure during penetration. The deep inner canal will feel tight and stimulating, while the soft silicone material will provide a realistic and enjoyable experience.

<$600 25cm (9.8in) Mini Cartoon Sex Doll For Men-Naomi 18

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<$600 25cm (9.8in) Mini Cartoon Sex Doll For Men-Naomi 19

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1.After receiving the sex doll, please use water and neutral detergent to clean the doll, and dry the inside and outside with a soft absorbent towel.

2.Before using sex dolls, apply lubricant to the human body to ensure sufficient sliding, or use a well-lubricated condom.

3.Do not keep sex dolls in the same posture for a long time. This may result in the formation of creases on the body surface. If a slight crease occurs, it will usually return to normal after a few hours.

4.If you need a little perfume to increase the atmosphere, please spray the perfume on the clothes of the sex doll rather than the body of doll. Dolls are prone to alcohol corrosion present in perfume.

5.Rinse the body with warm water for 2-3 minutes after use, and use a vaginal rinser to clean the vagina. After cleaning, dry the inside and outside with a soft absorbent towel and let it dry naturally.

6.When storing sex dolls, let sex dolls lie flat, avoid squeezing and prevent the entry of the dust

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Damaged (severely) doll received File a claim with the shipping carrier and full refund
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