128cm (4ft1)Childlike Sex Dolls-Cindy


Why choose Cindy:
  • The only sex doll based on a young princess at
  • Fair skin, blue eyes, full of aristocratic atmosphere
  • Cindy, who is only 8 years old, is still flat chested, but this is more attractive and seductive
  • Vaginal (6.69″)Anal(5.90″)Oral(3.93“)sex all can for you,satisfy for your all sex fantasy about little princess
  • The built-in flexible metal skeleton can be easily adjusted into various postures you like


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Hello everyone, the editor of the website, this is a sex doll from Irontech, Cindy is a sex doll based on a little British princess, let me introduce you in detail.

Cindy's Body Size Infor

Brand Name:Irontech Doll
Material:Medical-grade TPE | Stainless Steel Frame
Vaginal Depth:17cm/6.69inch
Anal Depth:15cm/5.90inch
Oral Depth:10cm/3.93nch
Sex type:Vagina / Anus / Oral Sex

Childlike Sex Dolls Cindy - Your little princess

$600-$799 128cm (4ft1)Childlike Sex Dolls-Cindy 15

Realistic Vagina

Seeing Cindy’s alluring pussy, do you start to fantasize? Cindy’s pussy is very realistic. Fully replicate the vagina of real women. Her outer labia is more real. If your penis is inserted into her vagina, it is difficult to tell that she is a sex doll. She will make you think that real sex is such madness.

$600-$799 128cm (4ft1)Childlike Sex Dolls-Cindy 16

Sexy Perfect Curvy Body

Cindy has a very slim figure. Her hips are smooth. The soft butt is very sexy. She doesn’t like to wear clothes at home, she likes to be naked. When you touch her, her soft skin will shock you. Cindy also has a strong metal frame. Whether you want sex in any position, she can do it.

$600-$799 128cm (4ft1)Childlike Sex Dolls-Cindy 17

Cindy's free gifts

$600-$799 128cm (4ft1)Childlike Sex Dolls-Cindy 18

1 * Blanket 

$600-$799 128cm (4ft1)Childlike Sex Dolls-Cindy 19

1 * Wigs

$600-$799 128cm (4ft1)Childlike Sex Dolls-Cindy 20

1 * Comb

$600-$799 128cm (4ft1)Childlike Sex Dolls-Cindy 21

1 * Lingerie(Random)

$600-$799 128cm (4ft1)Childlike Sex Dolls-Cindy 22

1 * Cleaning Tool

$600-$799 128cm (4ft1)Childlike Sex Dolls-Cindy 23

1 * Vaginal Heating Rod

Cindy's Different Modeling

Tan skin with Blonde long hair blue eyes

White skin with black long hair

White skin with gold long curly hair

1.After receiving the sex doll, please use water and neutral detergent to clean the doll, and dry the inside and outside with a soft absorbent towel.

2.Before using sex dolls, apply lubricant to the human body to ensure sufficient sliding, or use a well-lubricated condom.

3.Do not keep sex dolls in the same posture for a long time. This may result in the formation of creases on the body surface. If a slight crease occurs, it will usually return to normal after a few hours.

4.If you need a little perfume to increase the atmosphere, please spray the perfume on the clothes of the sex doll rather than the body of doll. Dolls are prone to alcohol corrosion present in perfume.

5.Rinse the body with warm water for 2-3 minutes after use, and use a vaginal rinser to clean the vagina. After cleaning, dry the inside and outside with a soft absorbent towel and let it dry naturally.

6.When storing sex dolls, let sex dolls lie flat, avoid squeezing and prevent the entry of the dust

Shipping Infor

  • We offer Free & Discreet worldwide shipping with UPS/FedEx/DHL/DPD,etc.
  • Mini sex dolls are legal in the countries/regions we can ship to, so you don’t need to worry about legal risks.
  • In-Stock Dolls ( USA/EU Warehouse) : 1-2 Days Processing time +  2-5 Days Shipping time.
  • Not In-Stock & Custom Sex Dolls : Will be shipped directly from our China factory. 2-9 days processing time + Shipping time (Depends on your location)

Check the shipping time table for more details :

USA 5-10 Business days, Tax-Free.
Canada 5-10 Business days, Complete customs clearance and pay duties by yourself.
Asian Countries 10-25 Business days, Complete customs clearance and pay duties by yourself.
Europe Countries For Adults dolls (140cm+) and Sex Doll Torso: 10-20  Business days, Shipping By Air, Tax-Free.
For Mini & Child Dolls (65cm-139cm) : 40-50 Business days, Shipping By Railway, Tax-Free.
  • Due to some exceptions ( such as Chinese holiday, snowstorm, rainstorm, or COVID-19, etc.), delivery may be a little delayed, please be patient.

Cancellation Policy

File an order cancellation request (after payment)

  • <24 hours (Before we produce) : 5% cancellation fee
  • ≥24 hours (In production process) : 25% cancellation fee
  • ≥3 days (Production is completed) : 50% cancellation fee
  • Once shipped : Can’t be canceled

Return & Refund Policy

For sex dolls are customized products, we are unable to make a second sale, so, we don’t provide return services, Please understand.
However, if you are unsatisfied for other reasons, we can provide a refund. Check the refund policy table below:

Wrong doll received Full Refund or Arrange a new replacement
Not as described (for some details) Contact us to submit proof, Partial refund if necessary
Damaged (slight) doll received We will provide repair kit and partial refund
Damaged (severely) doll received File a claim with the shipping carrier and full refund

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
RJE (United States)

Very good product. Lifelike, soft and very detailed eyes.


I recommend this toy to anyone. This is great and it feels very real. This is definitely worth the money.


I am experiencing a divorce. I did not waste money and precious time on dating a woman I am not interested in, but use this to resolve loneliness and loneliness. It feels like a real woman, this sex doll torso helped me.


This toy looks and feels like the real thing. My partner and I had a great time. I am very grateful and recommend them! It's worth it! !!


I love this product 100% and this is an honest review. I read all the good reviews before buying the product and I don't regret it. Honestly, this is the best thing I've ever spent for the least dollar in my life. This is from someone who has never had sex with women, but this toy is amazing. I highly recommend this toy for men who need stress relief before and after work. highly recommended.


This toy is pretty good after the first round it left me wanting more. Both holes are tight but not too tight. Soft mid section a nice firm butt yea can say ive used this toy 9 times after i order it and it's only been a week. Will leave you satisfied and drained.


I like the overall feel of the torso doll. The inside feels like a real thing because it is easy to clean or wipe, so it is fun. She has a certain weight. I like playing with dolls in the shower and on the bed. This is a good investment. Value for money.


The best on the market!


The price and performance ratio is still very high, I am very satisfied with the work, and I like it more realistically.

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