How to Make a Sex Doll?


How to make a sex doll? When you want to buy sex dolls, you may be wondering how it is made. Really, you can’t decide to buy until you know how to make it. That’s fine. In this article, you can learn more about a DIY sex doll, homemade sex dolls, customizing a sex doll, and more.


A lot of people want to make sex dolls. Then is that possible? Let’s first learn how factories make a sex doll?

Table of "How to Make a Sex Doll"

Make a Sex Doll-Factory Production Process

1 - Early Drawing Design of Sex Doll

First, we’ll start with some basic information.

Including the approximate body proportions, the size of each physiological part, or other required values. Then there will be a team of designers to sculpt the doll. Then usually with the help of a computer to draw the basic graphics of the doll. And the accuracy of sex dolls is critical.

At this stage, may change any parameter.

This is the stage where the customer requests a custom order. The designer’s team will discuss the entire project together. And the terms and product details involved are more complex. And eventually, a model drawing of the doll and a quotation will be drawn.


2 - Making Molds for a Sex Doll

Before opening the mold, it is necessary to determine whether the raw material is TPE or silicone. Although the process is the same. But the end result will be a reusable mold, not months or a year, depending on the application.

Steel films for injection molding can last a long time, but they are also very expensive!

The mold maker will first make a prototype work according to the drawings. So that produce the final mold under certain conditions.

For some special requirements, people can make the mold directly. If we want to release a product that is 100% identical to the original body, which can do it

3 - Injection Molding

At this stage, we will reduce the material inside the mold, let it cool down, and show the final product.

For solid sex dolls, there is less material inside the mold than the material containing the skeleton. That’s why modification joint thickness cannot be changed. And all work done at this stage is final.

At this stage, may have waste and low-fill products. This is why the lead time for orders is usually one to two weeks. Because sometimes due to quality problems, we need to redo the casting.

4 - Cleaning

After casting the product, it needs to cool in an immersion bucket. Once, it’s ready to be handed over to the packaging department. Then the packaging department will apply a protective powder over it. And remove any mold lines that are still visible. So pack the ready doll as required.

How to Homemade Sexdoll?

Learn how factories make sex dolls. Then you might think DIY sexdoll would be complicated. Indeed, that is a very complicated job. But making some sex dolls alternatives isn’t that complicated. For example, you can make a male masturbator or pocket pussy. That’s much simpler. All you need is a towel and a rubber band. And lots of videos can also be found on YouTube. Maybe the video below can help you.

How Custom Your Sexdolls?

If you’re looking for a sex doll, but you can’t find the style you like. In fact, you do want to buy sex dolls. And making a sex doll is a big project. Unless you want to be a sex dolls factory. Otherwise, you don’t want to spend time making a sex doll. Then you can consider customizing your sex doll at this point.

Example: 100cm (3ft3) Flat Chested Love Dolls-Madison

Her standard stats are as follows:

Brand Name:YY Doll
Material:Medical-grade TPE | Stainless Steel Frame
Vaginal Depth:6.3 in / 16 cm
Anal Depth:5.9 in / 15 cm
Oral Depth:10cm/3.93inch
Sex type:Vagina / Anus / Oral Sex

If you don’t like the standard look, then you can customize your sex doll. And this way you can quickly find your favorite sex dolls. supplies all categories of mini sex dolls. And you can buy very realistic love dolls. All are real skin touches. And there are many ways to enjoy sex. Buy It Now. And Free shipping worldwide. Fast delivery. And 100% privacy package.

custom sex doll


This article mainly introduces the process of factory production of sex dolls. And briefly describes how to make a sexdoll. Of course, you can customize your sex dolls.

In conclusion, buying a sex doll is the best deal when you have the budget. Because making a sex doll takes a lot of time. When the budget is not enough, you can consider sex doll alternatives. Such as sexdoll torso or pocket pussy and so on. All in all, enjoying sex will make your life better.

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