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All the most popular 100cm sex dolls are ready for you.Perfect body, lighter weight, put it on the bed, hide it in the wardrobe,pretty small lover.Buy 100cm sex doll at Minisexdoll.com,Free shipping,Fair price.

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Amazing 100cm Sex Doll You Can't Miss

As the name suggests, 100cm sex dolls refer to mini sex dolls with a height of 100cm. This kind of love doll is usually compared with big size sex dolls. Such small sex dolls have many advantages. They are lighter and smaller. And the price is cheaper. Usually, the price range is between $400 and $900.

These 100cm sex dolls are convenient to carry and easy to store. Cleaning is also very easy. They are basically two materials: TPE and silicone. Similarly, a 100cm TPE sexdoll is cheaper than a 100cm silicone sex doll. Of course, silicone sex dolls will be more realistic. But TPE love dolls are softer. In short, 100cm sex dolls are the classic category of small sex dolls.

Everyone should enjoy sexual pleasure. But not everyone has a sexual partner. If you are still hesitating about what kind of sex dolls you should buy, then buying a 100cm sexdoll can meet all your needs.

  • Cheap. 100cm sex dolls are classic mini sex dolls. To make a 100cm love doll, less material is enough. Therefore, the production cost is lower. And her weight is very light. Transportation costs are also very low. Overall, you can buy a good quality 100 cm sex doll without spending a lot.
  • Cute pussy. 100 cm sex dolls are cute little girl sex dolls. So she has a very cute vagina. In other words, her vagina looks very pink. The pink outer labia makes every man erect. And the internal structure of the vagina is also very immature. When the penis is inserted, it will feel very comfortable and wrapped.
  • Tight anal sex. Do you like anal sex? Many people like to try new ways of sex. Anal sex is one of them. But you can’t find a suitable anal sex partner. Now it’s good, buy a 100cm sex doll. She has a lifelike anus hole. And she will not refuse anal sex. Your penis can go back and forth in her pink anus.
  • Sexy oral sex. 100 cm sex dolls are also good at oral sex. Do you like that kind of refreshing mouth love? Insert your penis in her cute little mouth.
  • Easy to move. Large-size sex dolls generally weigh 40kg to 50kg. Even for an adult man, it is difficult to move love dolls of this weight. If you buy a 100cm sex doll, then don’t worry so much. You can move her easily.
  • Easy to clean. Because she is relatively small. So it’s easy to bathe her.
  • Convenient storage. If you still live with others, storing a sex doll to avoid embarrassment is a very important job. Large-size sex dolls are more difficult to store. And 100cm sex dolls don’t need so much space.

In short, you can enjoy extremely realistic sex with very little money. And you can buy high-quality full-size sex dolls.

In fact, when you decide to buy 100 cm sex dolls, you have narrowed the range of options. You don’t have to think about buying sex dolls of another height. Next, you only need to determine your budget. Then think about whether you like TPE or silicone sex dolls. Because sex dolls with a height of 100cm are the best.

No matter what material you choose, it will not affect your sex with a realistic mini sex doll. She will not hurt your wallet. And you can experience a variety of ways of sex. Even better, she has a lot of sex positions. Everyone is tired of sex in the same position.

Minisexdoll.com has many years of mini sex doll sales experience. Therefore, the possible transportation problems of 100cm sex dolls can be handled well. Moreover, we only supply small size sex dolls. Have the advantage of bulk orders. We can guarantee that our sex dolls are of high quality and cheap.

Not only that, we are the official authorized supplier of many well-known sex doll brands. In other words, you can buy genuine realistic sex dolls here.

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